Welcome to the Get Right Movement

The Get Right Movement is b.demp's way of promoting self-empowerment. B.demp, standing for budget, diet, exercise, meditate, and pray is all about creating a balanced lifestyle where we can get these essential factors of life on the right path. Our Get Right Movement subscription provides task and challenges in small steps each week. We do this to achieve financial, health, physical, and spiritual balances while developing better habits. In addition to the tasks, you will have access to different, tools, materials, links, videos & interviews of professionals in which will all relate to the challenges and living a better life.


In addition to the great materials, you will also have chances to win amazing prizes! When you work hard, you deserve rewards. Lastly, this subscription provides access to a forum where only members of the b.demp community can share their experiences, motivations, ideas, tips, events, or ask questions. You never know when new friends with the same goals might come in handy!


The b.demp community focuses on budgeting to get our finances right and obtain financial freedom. Dieting to get our health right and consume foods that will benefit our body and help extend our lives. Exercise to get our body right so we can look and feel good in our skin. Meditate to keep peace, live in the now and Pray to get our soul right to remain thankful and always love ourself.


Join us, and together we can all live a happy & healthy life :)



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